Q. Why should I rent a timeshare and how does it work?
A. Buying a timeshare can save you thousands of dollars when vacationing. A vacation property at a luxury resort will serve all your families vacation needs for an entire week. Timeshare weeks can be reserved at your home resort, or can be traded to other resorts through an exchange company.

Q. When do we check in?
A. Check-in days vary depending on when the owner is contracted to stay at the resort. For Marriott resorts specifically Friday, Saturday or Sunday would typically be your check in day.

Q. How Many occupants can a 2- and a 3-bedroom suite sleep.
A. Any 2-bedrrom suite will typically sleep 4 to 6 people, while 3 bedroom suites are huge, with the ability to comfortably sleep 8 to 10 people.

Q. What is a Five-Star resort?
A. The top rating given to a resort in the Interval International system.

Q. What is a Gold Crown resort?
A. The top rating given to a resort in the Resort Condominium International system.

Q. What is a lockout?
A. A timeshare that is divided into two separate living spaces with two separate entrances. A lockout will usually exchange one week for two weeks in a smaller unit.

Q. What is a fixed week?
A. A set time that can be used annually.

Q. What is a float week?
A. Vacation time that can be used anytime of the year based upon availability.

Q. What is a banked week?
A. A week of timeshare deposited in one of the many exchange companies to be saved or banked for use at a later time.

Q. What is a point system?
A. Points are offered annually and can be redeemed for daily stays, weekend getaways, full week stays or other products. Additional points can be purchased but usage varies from resort to resort.

Q. What is Platinum, Gold and Silver Season?
A. This is a color system used for rating the desirability of a timeshare week. Platinum is considered the most desirable followed by Gold and Silver. Bronze would be considered off-season.

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